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Bluemantle inside cover map

Set in the sun-scorched city of Wydeye, the totalitarian Authority controls its citizens through fear and cultivated dependence. Live music is deemed a threat to order and is
forbidden by law. Punishment for participation is severe.

Chase Newell discovers his sister is missing. His search for her leads him to the underground music Scene, with its ageless Troubadours who must risk their lives to perform in order to survive. To do this, they rely on Bluemantle.

As the Authority’s control-obsessed leader, Governor Blix, and her evil-incarnate Chief of Command, Wulfwin, step up their efforts to seize the Troubadours and destroy the Scene,
the risks escalate.

While the Troubadours are forced to act, will the citizens of Wydeye wake up to Bluemantle’s invitation and find choice beyond the caves of their own making?


Praise for Bluemantle

“… An impressive debut novel that maintains a fast and easy pace for the reader whilst immersing them into a dystopian world that is filled to the brim with vivid and rich descriptions…” FictionReads

“… A refreshing read from my usual fantasy, well written and super entertaining. If you are looking for a good dystopian story (and if you are into live music) you absolutely need to check this story out.” Monogamist Reader

“The storytelling is top-notch and deserves a rockin' soundtrack. A highly recommended 5/5*” Ebookwyrm

“This novel is engaging from the off, gripping you with pace, power and narrative creativity. Constructing a dystopia without literary precedence is a complex task but the author easily navigates you through a world where subterfuge in pursuit of artistic freedom is what speakeasy was to prohibition. A primary reading can draw superficial comparisons to our own society and the dangers of autocracy but probe deeper and the story unfolds in layers of expression, narrative flair and the criticality of art in the face of politics.” Amazon Review

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