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Ink had cut himself off after the death of his partner, Neav, a decade ago. However, he wakes one day to find he has no concept of the past and can only think of Neav in the present tense. Social media reports two dozen cases in a so-called ‘amnesia crisis’. Ink knows his new loss has nothing to do with memory. As does Ihlo.

Ihlo, a votary in the Order, has sworn an oath to protect Klova – the artificial language that enables everyone to think, speak and know. She’s certain the impossible has happened: a corruption in the code. However, her sudden suspension forces her to act alone.

As case numbers steadily rise, the Order’s security agency race to find the fault and stem the spread. Ink and Ihlo’s own desperate efforts to locate the source bring them together and cause them to confront loss and the vulnerability of truth through the lens of perception.

When the corruption mutates, all are forced to ask: what next? Where will this end? Which concepts will we lose? What words will we have left?

"A fantastic, relatable blend of speculative fiction, mystery and the power of language."


Hugo Award Winner (The Book Smugglers)

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